As many of you may be aware FEMA has issued a "Letter of Map Revision Determination Document" which revises the flood hazards depicted in the National Flood Insurance Program. I have made this document available for download by clicking on the link on the bottom of this page.

What this means is that certain areas of Johnson's Pond the Base Flood Elevations have been decreased. If you were required by your mortgage company to carry flood insurance due to the changes made back in 2015 you may be able to drop this coverage if desired.

In the letter of map revision (LOMR) FEMA specifically states that they will NOT distribute these revisions to primary users such as local insurance agents, or mortgage lenders, instead the community is responsible to provide the new data.

It is your responsibility to contact your bank or mortgage lender to determine if flood insurance is still required after the LOMR took effect on October 31st 2016. The Johnson's Pond Civic Association will provide any and all information to assist members on this subject.

In addition I am working with Senator Raptakis district 33 and Congressman Jim Langevin's office to provide residents with information on possible reimbursments for flood insurance that you may have had to pay after the 2015 revisions. This info will go out in a separate e-mail shortly. It is important to note that in order to receive possible reimbursement that you not cancel your current policy yet.

Thank You

Marc Lemoi

Johnson's Pond Civic Association


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2016 FEMA Letter of Map Revision Determination Document