About Us

About Us


Our purpose is to improve the facilities of Johnson's Pond as well as to provide and encourage the social and recreational activities of the residents. Membership and fundraising help pay for our continued efforts to promote, encourage, protect, and enhance the social, public safety, and environmental qualities of life in and around Johnson's Pond.


Activities and Services:

Fourth of July Celebration

One of our biggest activities each year is to produce a Fourth of July Fireworks Display to celebrate our nation's independence and to show our pride in being Americans. This celebration has been funded entirely by the residents of Johnson's Pond and generous local area businesses for 30+ years. This is a celebration that has become a tradition and an entire community event.


Invasive Weed Prevention and Control

The JPCA has begun the monumental task of addressing our invasive weed problems. In recent years a Lake Management Company was hired to catalog and produce a report on our weed issues. We will continue to try to raise awareness and formulate a plan to deal with this very important issue.



The JPCA publishes a quarterly newsletter to our members providing news and information about our pond and surrounding community. The newsletter lists important dates and activity schedules.



The JPCA maintains our website to provide our members with up to date information on pond events and activities.


Public Service

The JPCA each year contributes money to the Coventry Teachers Alliance Scholarship Fund. Our donation is matched by the teachers alliance and awarded to a deserving Coventry College Student.



The JPCA needs your support. The fireworks show and weed control are very expensive and require a huge effort to raise funds. We are continuing to chase grants for weed control. We run a number of fundraising events throughout the year to help defray the costs of our endeavors. 


Social Activities

In addition to the fundraising events the JPCA produces a Concert on the Pond series which has become very popular. Fourth of July Fireworks, Contributors to the Indian Trail Labor Day Fireworks, our annual Ski Show are just some of the activities that provide enjoyment for all.