The Johnson’s Pond Civic Association is notifying all Waterfront Residents that an Aquatic Invasive Species (Weed) Treatment will take place this coming Wednesday June 23rd. We have received the permit from DEM. The treatment will be performed by an Aquatic Biologist from Water and Wetlands Lake Management Company.

The herbicides used for treatment will be specifically targeting Milfoil and Fanwort. If your area is being treated it will be posted with signs on your street outlining restrictions. Here is a summary of the restrictions:

"... per the product labels there’s a three-day restriction on using the pond water for drinking and cooking, one day restriction on livestock or domestic animal consumption, three-day irrigation restriction on turf/ornamentals, five-day irrigation restriction on newly seeded turf and food crops.  

We also put a one-day restriction on swimming, boating, fishing.  This is not required on the product label so it’s more of a voluntary thing.  We do this simply to keep people out of the way/water while we are treating as we try to get tight into the shorelines"

A big Thank You goes out to Senator Raptakis for securing a state grant that makes this treatment possible. Thank you Lou!

You can find all information regarding Milfoil and Fanwort by clicking on the weeds tab.

Below is a map detailing this year’s treatment areas.













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