Water Level Drawdown Update

As of today, the drawdown is still on hold but still to come.  On 11/2 an attempt was made to start the drawdown again. However the increased outflow caused problems downstream at the Anthony Mill  construction site. The drawdown was again halted on 11/4.

The downstream construction at Anthony Mill must be completed by 11/24 or lose federal funding and it is expected that the drawdown would commence again no later than that date.


The contractor doing the Johnsons Pond Dam repairs has been given a second extension of time to complete these repairs while at the same time being asked to start work on items which can be performed at the current water level. Needless to say, the original target date of completion (1/1/16) is no longer valid and will push towards the end of February 2016.

As of today, the water level is -69 inches at a flow rate of 43 cfs.


Ken Goodwin





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